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Commercial window cleaning
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Window Cleaning Cloths

Many people, when considering which window cleaning cloths to use, toss a mental coin between last year’s once white T shirt and a well used tea towel. Not so in the world of professional window cleaning. It seems there are options for every occasion. This plethora of choice is quite bewildering, so the aim of this article is to help you make an informed decision about which window cleaning cloths to use.

At the top of the current technological tree, are products called microfiber cloths. These window cleaning cloths are woven from very, very fine strands, many of the producers of this type of product do not like to use the generic term microfibers, since they do not believe it fairly describes just how fine their fibres are. Some companies claim that their products are woven from fibres as fine as 1/100 th the diameter of a human hair.

The logic behind using ultra fine fibres is that each individual fibre provides separate edges that cleans through grime with ease or, depending on use, polishes the washed glass to a greater sheen. These window cleaning cloths come in two types of weave, flat weave, which provides a higher quality of polish and the thicker terry weave, which is the more absorbent.

At the opposite end in fibre size is scrim. These window washing cloths bear a resemblance to Hessian or sack material and are touted for their absorbent qualities. Many professional window cleaners swear by this material and insist that it is the most efficient at lifting and holding grime in its fibres until the cloth is rinsed out. This, they say, leads to less time spent wringing and rinsing and leads to cleaner windows with less effort. These varieties of window cleaning cloths comes in two grades, A, the heavier type and B, which is lighter.

One material that people expect to their window cleaner to have is a Chamois leather or Shammy. This, strictly speaking, is not a cloth since it is a specific form of leather. The properties that these window cleaning cloths have are that they have excellent absorption characteristics and, because the grain is so fine, are not abrasive. Again, these window cleaning cloths have two grades, A and A fine.

Synthetic Chamois are window cleaning cloths that are often made from viscose rayon. These are a more affordable alternative to genuine shammies and are also highly absorbent and not abrasive. These, while less expensive are, however, not as durable.

So there you have it. If you want the materials that the professional have, you should have a clearer picture of which window cleaning cloths you prefer. In all of the above cases, each different type of product is manufactured and marketed by many brands, each claiming that their cloths are the best. It is reasonable to assume that all of the brand leaders have their positive aspects and dedicated proponents. Cost and preference will dictate which of these window cleaning cloths you opt to buy and use.

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