Commercial window cleaning
Commercial window cleaning
Window cleaning high reach system

Window Cleaning High Reach System

This is one area where professional window cleaners really seem do have divided opinions on which type of window cleaning high reach system is best. In simple terms the window cleaning high reach system is made up of the following components.

  • Pole
  • Brush
  • Hoses
  • Water supply
  • Pump
  • Power supply

A window cleaning high reach system pumps water through narrow pipes to the brush, allowing each window to be washed without the need to lower the pole for rinsing. The choice of brush will be determined by the task at hand and the hose diameter will be narrow. This is for two reasons, the greater the diameter of the piping, the more water has to be pumped to the brush and the heavier the load on the worker.

The two main factors in choice of pole are weight and rigidity. Window cleaning high reach system telescopic poles can be extended and retracted easily but without each segment having a clamping mechanism, the independent sections can rotate in relation to the sections above and below, making it difficult to keep the brush head at the desired position on the glass.

The addition of clamps stabilises this, but increases weight and cost. The other type of pole used is fixed lengths that are added as needed to extend the reach they may be bought in lengths from two metres and up. Using the longer size is recommended for the more elevated window cleaning high reach system jobs, but they are more time consuming to extend and retract.

The pump being used on your window cleaning high reach system needs to be powerful enough to produce enough pressure to drive the water out of the brush at the maximum height, this is an important factor, since the larger the pump the more drain there will be on the power supply.

Increased drain on the power supply for your window cleaning high reach system will result in less working hours per charge. Typically a pump will be matched to a portable power supply that should have enough charge to last eight hours.

The water container size used by the window cleaning high reach system will be determined by its transport mode. This could be van mounted, which allows for a much greater volume to be carried. Another favoured option is trolley mounted, this carries much less water, but has greater ease of access, to an enclosed courtyard for example. The third and least favoured choice is back mounted. Obviously a window cleaning high reach system that has to be carried will be lower powered, less pressure available and of course, much less water.

One thing that professional window cleaners do agree on in regards to using a window cleaning high reach system, is that it out performs a ladder and bucket system hands down. So whichever system you choose, it will increase your productivity and turnover substantially, and you will recover your financial outlay and move into profit in a relatively short time.

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