Commercial window cleaning
Commercial window cleaning
Window cleaning ladders

Window Cleaning Ladders

As anybody who uses these for a living knows, window cleaning ladders are generally of an A-frame design. This allows for a single point of contact on the window sill, increasing the stability. These ladders were traditionally made of wood, but it is more common to see lightweight aluminium alloy ladders being deployed.

When you are determining which window cleaning ladders to choose, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. First and foremost are, of course, health and safety considerations. You will want to explore window cleaning ladders that offer excellent non-slip feet and window sill grip. These slip resistant blocks are typically made from a durable yet grippy rubber and often the block on the top of the ladder will be constructed from a white or clear rubber, thus avoiding marking the paintwork.

Another factor that will have to be taken into account is the height at which you anticipate working at. Almost certainly, you will require two different window cleaning ladders. One single section ladder, for relatively low down work.

You can buy these single section window cleaning ladders in sizes ranging from about seven to thirteen rungs. This translates to a height ranging from about two metres to about three point five metres. In the case of aluminium alloy window cleaning ladders, these single section ladders will weigh from about four and a half kilograms to seven and a half kilograms. Wooden versions are generally six or seven rungs high and their height to weight ratio is higher. This allows for greater stability and safety in gusty weather.

For work involving second story cleaning, you will want to have a two section ladder. These can range from nineteen to thirty nine rungs, giving an extendible scope of two point five to nine metres. Naturally these window cleaning ladders are correspondingly heavier, with a weight range of about eleven kilograms to a hefty twenty four kilograms.

Because of the increased length of these two section window cleaning ladders, it is desirable to invest in one that has a generous splay to the legs near the bottom. This, of course, offers additional stability, due to the increased distance between the feet. Another design issue that is worth examining carefully, before you choosing your two section window cleaning ladders, is the locking mechanism. This should be designed in such a way, that when the ladder is locked to a certain height, that it is unlikely to become unlocked while the ladder is in use. At the same time, you do not want a restraining system that is needlessly complicated and difficult to release, when required.

This short article should have provided an insight into the types of window cleaning ladders that you will find available. Bearing in mind the safety factors, and the fact that greater stability is a very desirable design trait, you might want to balance that out with the fact that heavier ladders, although more stable, are more troublesome to transport and manipulate. Common sense should guide you to the type of equipment most suited to your needs and budget.

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