Commercial window cleaning
Commercial window cleaning
Window cleaning reach and wash

Window Cleaning Reach and Wash

The firm Ionic Systems Ltd has registered the trademark: window cleaning Reach and Wash for its water fed pole system. Ionic have an extensive array of products in water fed pole systems and such is their commitment to the safety of these products, that they have commissioned independent crash testing studies into the securing mechanisms of their van based systems.

These window cleaning reach and wash systems specialise in using pure water feeds. This means that by using reverse osmosis a clean and softened water supply is delivered to the brush. This allow for a system that is detergent free, the principle being that the pure water, being delivered under pressure, will remove the build up of grime and dust without added chemicals.

Ionic manufacture window reach and wash poles for their window cleaning reach and wash products from both carbon fibre, the more expensive, most rigid and lightest, and glass fibre, the cheaper version. Their poles can reach an incredible sixty feet (over eighteen metres). They have several named ranges of poles, each with their own particular capabilities and prices.

The window cleaning reach and wash systems offered by Ionic are:

  • Van based
  • Trailer based
  • On site based

The onsite window cleaning reach and wash system is designed for the owners or occupiers to have on the premises for the maintenance crew to complete window cleaning as part of their duties. These systems are trolley mounted and can be bought with either an on board water tank or to be attached to a water supply.

The Pro-2 window cleaning reach and wash system is a package that is built-in to a custom made trailer. This makes it a very convenient method since there is no need for a dedicated van or having to remove and replace the system after every job. This trailer is as quickly attached to your vehicle as a standard trailer, all you need to have is a tow bar to take your window cleaning reach and wash system to the job site.

The more powerful Pro-3 and Pro-5 window cleaning reach and wash systems marketed as either trailer or van mounted, but do not come with a dedicated trailer and, in the case of the Pro-3, is designed for use in soft water areas only, while the Pro-5 can be used with either hard or soft water.

The van or trailer mounted Pro-6, Pro-7 and Pro-10 window cleaning reach and wash systems all focus on waste water recovery and water management. Ionic Systems say that the Pro-10 incorporates a vacuum system that leaves the glass completely dry.

Ionic Systems Ltd is a company on the leading edge of this type of technology and are continuing research and development to improve their window cleaning reach and wash systems all the time. Although there are many companies out there who will provide high reach products, sometimes but not always, at a lower cost, the innovative drive that Ionic demonstrate should always keep their products at or near the top of the tree.

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