Commercial window cleaning
Commercial window cleaning
Window cleaning scrapers

Window Cleaning Scrapers

The most immediate association many people make with scrapers is that of a tool used in the painting and decoration profession. While this is, of course, correct, window cleaning scrapers are a completely different instrument. They are also one of the most useful and efficient tools in the hands of a professional window cleaner. Aside from the name, window cleaning scrapers bear little resemblance to the type used in decorating.

Window cleaning scrapers will be extremely sharp and because of this, will be either retractable or have a safety cover. They can range in size from about 1.5 (40mm) inches wide to a mighty 6 inches (150mm) wide. Generally, the handle section will be made from some form of high impact plastic and the blades can be replaced.

While, for the most part, windows need cleaned because of a build-up of grime, or other airborne pollutants, insects colliding with the glass and deposits from the local pigeon flock are much easier to remove with the judicious use of window cleaning scrapers, as opposed to the elbow grease needed to wash them away with soapy water. The setting in which window cleaning scrapers really come into their own is at the completion of a building project.

Building site windows are invariably coated with paint droplets, manufacturer stickers, plaster and cement smears and other insoluble matter. Professional window cleaners will be able to lift this residue away with window cleaning scrapers. The proper technique involves keeping the blades of the window cleaning scrapers flat to the glass and pushing the scraper away from you, as this will exploit the weak point of adhesion between the glass and the build up.

Experienced window cleaners will also know when NOT to employ the use of window cleaning scrapers. Not all glass is suited to their use. Several types of glass have additional layers added to their surface, for example tinted or reflective films. Naturally, if window cleaning scrapers are used, however carefully, there is a high probability of causing damage to the applied coating. Other types of glass may also be damaged by the use of window cleaning scrapers. A professional window cleaner will be in a far better position to know, or research this, than the average home owner.

In the event that you choose to use window cleaning scrapers on your own home, bear in mind the following. They are a dangerously sharp tool that should not be left within reach of children. Do not use them on a dry pane; some form of window cleaning solution should be applied. Test on a window that is inconspicuous, keep the blade flush with the surface and use the window cleaning scrapers in a pushing motion. Pulling the scraper towards you may result in the residue being drawn across the glass, causing scrapes.

Care should be taken with respect to the window frame itself, these scrapers, if used carelessly, can easily cause unsightly damage to wooden or uPVC. With proper use, however, this is a tool that can make the maintenance of crystal clear window panes, more easily attainable.

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