Commercial window cleaning
Commercial window cleaning
Commercial window cleaning rounds for sale

Commercial Window Cleaning Rounds for Sale

Window cleaning services in the U.K. are at an all time high as customer demand keeps the industry hopping. There's never been a better time to get into the window cleaning industry thanks to new tools and regulations that make the business both safe and lucrative. To make it less complicated to get started, there are a good number of established commercial window cleaning rounds for sale as well as multiple franchise opportunities.

If you are wondering whether or not you can really make a living by cleaning windows, consider that the British Window Cleaning Academy claims the demand for residential cleaning is so high, it takes many customers up to ten years to find a reliable contractor willing to make weekly visits. The rapid construction of housing estates throughout the U.K. is bringing a lot of new people into the business while at the same time pulling commercial contractors into residential areas.

All of this activity combined with ongoing commercial construction means an increase in opportunities for commercial window cleaners. Finding a plethora of commercial window cleaning rounds for sale is simply a matter of doing the research through trade groups, online forums, and internet search engines. One typical listing found on a U.K. website lists an existing round worth approximately L4,406 per month serving commercial and residential accounts. The sale includes all the cleaning equipment, uniforms, a van, the company website, and literature at a price of L20,000.

Another listing shows a round in operation for less than a year with a monthly value of about L1,000. The owner claims plenty of room for growth and will provide all customer information to the purchaser. What's not included in the tools and his van, though they can be negotiated for at an additional cost.

Of course, existing commercial window cleaning rounds for sale are not the only option. Franchise opportunities are plentiful in the U.K. with well-known names like Brilliant Window Cleaners, Stayclean Window Cleaning, and EZY-CLEAN. Depending on the specific franchise opportunity, new business owners can get a variety of support services including advertising, marketing assistance, invoicing and billing, and use of franchise logos, signs, and other branded materials.

If you're considering your own window cleaning business there are some other considerations beyond just browsing through the lists of commercial window cleaning rounds for sale. Remember that the work is physical, though not necessarily intense, and it's outside in all kinds of weather. Adapting to rain, wind, and cool temperatures quickly takes away the pleasure of enjoying the warmth and sunshine as your own boss. You'll have to do a lot of driving, too.

When looking at a round for take into consideration how well it is planned for fuel and time efficiency. There's no point in investing in a round which the previous owner could not make profitable for lack of efficiency. If you can improve the round by all means go for it. But if it's spread too thin and requires too much time it may not be worth your while.

Between all the franchise opportunities and commercial window cleaning rounds for sale in the U.K., most everyone who wants into this exciting business should have no trouble getting started. Earning potential is only limited to the drive and passion of the individual business owner.

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